Professional manuafacture for automatic packaging machinery equipment R&D

Our Packing Machines

Attract numerous highly qualified personnel who dedicated to the pursuit of machinery , and produce leading technology automatic packaging machinery equipment, Assembling, adjusting ,testing ,and repairing are done by rich experienced technician.



Full aoto high speed transportation , attangement , feeding an packing for all kinds of wafer, chcoalte ,cake and solid regular object which length 60-80mm , and height 15-20mm

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High Speed Food Pillow Paking Machine

High Speed Food Pillow Paking Machine

Automatically pack many kind of solid and regular material, such as biscuit, cake, bread, moon cake, custard pie, fruit pie, instant noodle, sweet, medicine, daily product, hardware, plastic toy and so on.

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Hot Ink Roll Printer for production date print

Hot Ink Roll Printer for production date print

Cheap price and easy operate

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OUR Packaging lines

Automatic Feeding & Packaging Line

  • Adopt multistage variable speed control, servo drives control, easy operation, wtable running, high control preciseness, low energy consumption.
  • Adopt colored touch screen, easy operation and adjustment, fault display, fault display, data storage function, to operate easy for changing different size products.
  • High sensitivity and preciseness SICK photocell tracking system, to control product posotion exactly.
  • Adopt full stainless steel stucture. Humanized design, and easy install,disassemble, and maintenance.
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Our Company

do well for our customer

Creating , manufacturing and sales and service by ourselves , we know the technology and customer well. NO matter in technology support , after sales service support and marketing support, we can do well for our customer.

upper machinery equipment

Foshan upper machinery equipment co.,ltd have a long history in automatic packing machine manufacture since 2011 , have rich experience to give you the packing solution base on different customer request

Quality first

Quality first , strictly for quality control ,from buyer inquiry clear confirm , technology documents support ,supplier accessories test and checking before adopt with the machine , and finished products test double check before ship out . All the accessories used famous brand or after test stably running for long history brand.

customized packing solution

As a factory, own engineer team ourselves , no matter from the machine structure , or the control software , we can base on customer packing request to do the customized machine for our customer


Good after sales service

For our customer improve their production and help their in safety production is our aim , we offer after sales engineer help to adopt the machine and teach the factory staff employee to used daily maintenance the machine

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New develop automatic packing line  count the products to go to pack
Tue 12-2019

New develop automatic packing line count the products to go to pack

count products to pack , automatic control packing line

Automatic packing line high speed to packing two pcs cookies packing
Fri 06-2019