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How packaging machinery automation technology improves efficiency and quality in the field of food packaging?

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Mechanical automation technology, with its natural advantages of changing traditional packaging methods and promoting the optimization of various links, injects strong momentum into the development of the entire food packaging industry.


At present, packaging machinery automation technology is applied in food packaging production, often applied in the listed below:

1, The application scope of security detection technology has been expanded

In the past, food safety inspection techniques were used to reflect the safety status of food through simple mechanical and physical indicators. Nowadays, the introduction of packaging machinery automation technology in packaging production has to some extent improved the standards of food testing. For example, safety testing technology has high accuracy and can detect hidden pathogens in the food production process in a timely manner.

2, Applying virtualization technology

In the past, in the mechanical processing and manufacturing industry, there was often a situation where, due to insufficient accuracy during setting, the produced parts could not meet the requirements, resulting in significant waste of raw materials. But after reasonable application of virtualization technology, correct predictions can be made based on numerical values to determine whether they can meet the expected effects. Through repeated calculations and comparisons, continuous adjustments and optimizations can be made, and finally the production of the product can be completed. Only in this way can high-precision and high-quality finished products be produced.

3, Application of Sensing Technology in the Food Industry

The introduction of sensing technology has improved the functionality of food detection technology, which can play a role in inspecting and analyzing the lifespan of food. At the same time, many countries have also established food condition information collection systems using wireless sensor networks to ensure that monitoring departments understand the status of food production, thereby further reducing food safety risks.

4,Develop corresponding human-machine interfaces. Building a professional control system in line with the mainstream.

Human machine interaction is an important link in achieving automatic control. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of human-machine interfaces and establish a modern human-machine interface based on the actual characteristics and laws of food packaging equipment, so that operators can output signals to the automatic control system on this platform and feedback the analysis results to the corresponding equipment to ensure the normal operation of food packaging equipment. At the same time, enterprises can also use servo motors with strong self-regulation ability, low vibration frequency, and fast speed to achieve optimal control of food packaging equipment, thereby improving the operational accuracy of the equipment.

5, Motion control system

The motion control system plays a role in setting product positions and managing processing progress in food packaging machinery. This type of technology has high standards for position and progress, requiring synchronization of position and speed, which is the optimization of packaging machinery. At present, the application of some advanced bus based motion control devices can play a role in the form of bus communication, ensuring that the adjustment of position control mode and the performance of information exchange can be achieved when the equipment is running at high speed.


Overall, mechanical automation technology is an important means to improve industrial production efficiency, and food packaging is a safety issue that people are concerned about. Therefore, in the field of food packaging, it is necessary to increase the application of mechanical automation technology to improve product quality and efficiency, and achieve the goal of improving food packaging.

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Introduction to the packaging system

1, High speed chocolate packing line is using for soring and packing the chocolate, special for the small chocoate, it can running in the high sepeed for 600 package per minute.

2,It can coonect with the chocoalte cooling tunnel, or have some one put chocolate on the conveyor.

3, For the sorting part, it have 4 main feedingn conveyor with the moving damboard to seperate the chocolate into one pcs by one pcs, for the turn forward device will limit one chocolate comming and confrim it is in the one forward come.

4, Adopt four pair cutter, the machine running one circle can come out few pcs package.

5, The heat sealing part is adopt with the pre-head sealing device with the big heat sealing wheel.

6, The feeding line and the packing machine control by servo motor , more stable running and convenient.

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