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  • Interview in June 2021 Interview in June 2021

    Nowadays, the food industry is about more than taste, raw materials, and processing techniques. Packaging is an essential part of attracting consumers. To meet the requirements of high efficiency, individualization, and safety guarantee, China's food packaging machinery industry is developing rapidly in the direction of intelligence. The automatic production line can avoid the secondary contamination of food, improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of enterprises, which is the future trend of industry development.

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  • Advantages of Automated Packaging Machine
    Advantages of Automated Packaging Machine

    Many factories may need to reconsider while buying automated packaging machines since it's pricy. If you still can't make up a decision, think about the advantages it can bring to your company. Reduces The Risk Of Repetitive Strain InjuryThe automatic packaging machine replaces manual packaging to f

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  • How Many Types of Packaging Machines Are There?
    How Many Types of Packaging Machines Are There?

    There are three types of automatic packaging machines: bag-making packaging machine, bag-feeding packaging machine, and tank-feeding packaging machine. Bag-making Packing Machine The bag-making packing machine is usually composed of a bag-making machine and a weighing machine. The weighing machine

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  • Good Reviews from Yemen Packaging Machine Distributors
    Good Reviews from Yemen Packaging Machine Distributors

    The customer ordered four bread packing machines from us. He said the machine is very good, and will return the order soon.Machine Model: UPB-450Packing Size: L 120-500mm, W 35-200mm, H 5-70mmPacking Speed: 32-160 bags/minPacking Film Width: 90-450 mmPacking Material: Composite films such as OPP/PE,

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  • Automatic Packaging Machines vs. Manual Packaging
    Automatic Packaging Machines vs. Manual Packaging

    Packaging simply stands for putting products into the right boxes or bags for lots of people. But actually it is not that simple and involves a series of procedures like tracking, feeding, and packing. Manual packaging is a traditional packaging method that most factories have used for a very long t

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  • Advantages of Pillow Packaging Machine
    Advantages of Pillow Packaging Machine

    Pillow packaging machine is widely used in packaging equipment. It can be used for many products such as food, daily necessities, and hardware. Why choose pillow packaging machines?First of all, from the point of view of packaging, pillow packaging machines can pack different specifications of lumpy

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  • How to Choose a Hardware Packaging Machine?
    How to Choose a Hardware Packaging Machine?

    Packaging machinery is widely used in the hardware industry. However, do you know how to choose the right hardware packaging machine? Classification of Hardware Packaging MachineOn the market, hardware packaging machinery mainly includes combined weighing packaging machinery, vibrating plate packagi

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  • What Is Automatic Packing Machine?
    What Is Automatic Packing Machine?

    What Is Automatic Packing Machine?The automatic packaging machine is mainly used for food, medicine, chemical industry and plant seed material automatic packaging. The material can be granule, tablet, liquid, powder, paste and other forms. Automatic packing machine is equipped with automatic meterin

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  • September Super Purchase Event
    September Super Purchase Event

    In September, our company held a super purchase event.

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  • Vegetable Packing Machine Ideas
    Vegetable Packing Machine Ideas

    Vegetables are crisp and juicy commodities, which are vulnerable to manual or mechanical damage. To protect the product from damage during transportation, storage and sale, it must be packed. With the development of vegetable commercialization, the demand for improving packaging is more and more urg

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