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Overseas Exhibits! UPPER Machinery at Indonesia ALLpack Expo 2023

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On October 14th, the 22nd Packaging Indonesia 2023 kicked off. In this exhibition, UPPER focuses on automatic  packaging equipment and exhibits turntable automatic feeding and packaging line, auto high speed chocolate packaging line, Swiss roll and pastry material sorting and packaging machine. We are committed to providing whole solutions of automated packaging equipment, for different industries customers through product innovation and comprehensive empowerment of specialized technology.



1.Turntable automatic feeding & packing line Can be directly connected to the front-end processing line of the finished product discharge conveyor belt, to meet the single product scale, batch production and packaging requirements, but also can be used manually dumping material to meet the specifications of multiple varieties of products in small batches, multi-batch production requirements, servo-driven control, easy to operate and stable operation, high control accuracy, low energy consumption for food, daily necessities, chemicals, medicine, hardware and other industries, to meet the square, bar-shaped products conveying and packaging, such as: rice pass, bubble pops, ham sausage, brown rice rolls, and other solid material products. It is suitable for conveying and packaging of square and bar-shaped products, such as: rice pass, bubble bomb, ham sausage, brown rice roll, and other solid material products.

2.Chocolate automatic loading packaging line adopts stainless steel, aluminum alloy structure, humanized design, so that the material conveying, sorting, arranging, loading, packaging to achieve automation. Granulated sugar cubes, chocolate, sand number setting is simple and intuitive, easy to change the operation of packaging products, brand-name color-coded electric eye following system. Suitable for Swiss rolls, jimmies, nutrition bars, energy bars, nougat and other strips of square solid materials packaging.


This time, UPPRE Packaging Machinery displays three different machinery products, which means that we not only have the intention of joint sales activities, but also, we hope to move towards a more intimate cooperation with end customers, distributors, and foreign trade partners.

In addition to a comprehensive range of product types, UPPER Packaging Machinery will also present a diverse range of packaging solutions, high-end customized products and services, and unite with the future to serve the majority of customers with packaging needs!


UPPER Packaging Machinery not only has a wide range of packaging machinery and equipment for many industries, but also offers the perfect solution for all applications. UPPER provides individualized and targeted support for different customer needs.


This exhibition is not only a platform for technology display, but also an important opportunity to promote industrial chain cooperation and change. By sharing experiences and exchanging ideas, we will explore better packaging design solutions together and create more efficient, environmentally friendly and safer products.


Over the years, we have been actively leading the industry trend by launching multi-disciplinary sustainable packaging application solutions. While meeting the functionality of packaging, we are also serving our customers better by helping them to upgrade their brands and at the same time realizing the goal of sustainable development. We look forward to seeing you at the next exhibition!

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