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We started to manufacture packing machines in 2011, but all of our engineers had served dedicated roles in the packing machine industry long before that. Our rich experience in the packaging machine industry ensures all our custom solutions are backed up by solid experience and mature technology.

We specilize in automatic packing machines, especially food packaging machines. Our machines are also widely used in hardware, daily necessities, medical, and industrial products.

Our packaging equipment is built to solve your challenges and boost your business. These are the features that make us stand out from the crowd, giving your business a new opportunity to grow.
Custom Packing Machine Solutions
 Upper provides a wide array of equipment custom options meeting your specific requirements, which are backed up by our team’s robust experience and mature technology.
Quality Assurance
 Every one of our pouch packing machines is well certified with CE certifications and industry-leading accessories. Our machines comply with global standards and are widely accepted by the US, European, and Middle Eastern regions. Comparably, the upper filling and weighing accuracy have an impressive tolerance less than 0.5%.
Better Prices
 Competitive local material resources with lower prices allow us to offer a better quote, passing these savings to you.
Full Support
 From pre-sales to after-sales and everything in between, there’s a dedicated sales and engineering team standing behind our pouch packing machines to help.
Easy Operation
 Our systems are easy to understand, operate, modify, and repair due to our modular constructions. Fast bag size changeover, easy cleaning, and simple fixes help save your team from needing to give unnecessary extra work time.



Foshan Upper Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China. We started to manufacture our new horizontal packing machine, automatic feeding & packing machine, and the automatic desiccant pouch dispenser.


Our production team grew to 20 people, The total number of employees increased from 30 to more than 50.


We started to attend the International Baking Exhibition in Shanghai city in 2014, and every year after that. In the exhibition, we acquired many customers and started to cooperate.



Our company moved from the Baishaqiao Industrial Zone to Lutang Industrial Zone, Luo Village, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City. The plant area has been expanded from 3,000 square meters to 10,000 square meters.

We started to produce the automatic cartoning packing machine. We arranged one team to research and produce the data, and they found a great improvement. We started to sell at the end of 2019.


Because of COVID-19, we were forced to focus on online branding, including our official website, B2B platforms, social media, etc., to further enhance brand awareness and obtain overseas business opportunities.


  Science and Technology Innovation       Quality First        Steady Development

  Sincere and Trustworthy       Friendly and Great Cooperations



Our professional technology team can design and customize your new packing machine solutions according to your production requirements. Two of the chief engineers, who has have more than 20 years of experience in the automatic packing solutions industry, will be able to help. They have provided packaging machinery solutions to customers in many countries. One of them focuses on standard packaging solutions while the other one focuses on custom packaging solutions.


We have a great team during both the production and after-sales services with more than 20 people. They are trained well and have rich experience in the industry. They are struggling for the good installation, testing, packing, and fast delivery.


We are an experienced foreign trade team, in which the foreign trade manager has more than 15 years of experience in foreign trade. She used to service the world-famous brand for bakery biscuits with the automatic feeding packing machine.


— 2014 China International Barkery Exhibition, in Shanghai —

— 2015 China International Barkery Exhibition, in Shanghai —

— 2018 China International Barkery Exhibition, in Shanghai —


Quality inspections are always performed manually. Firstly, raw material testing. Secondly, test according to the corresponding product specifications and dimensions.
component inspection of packing machine
inspection of packing machine
inspection of packing machine
inspection of packing machine
The assembly team checks whether the machinery is fully assembled and stable after completing the mechanical assembly work.
assembly inspection of packing machine
assembly inspection of packing machine
After the assembly work is complete, the commissioning team will conduct sample tests to check whether the machine is running properly and as expected.
debugging inspection of packing machine
debugging inspection of packing machine
debugging inspection of packing machine
A crucial step in our production line to check whether the packing is in good condition before shipment.


packing machine's packing
packing machine's packing
packing machine's packing
packing machine's packing


One of our Australian customers asked our engineer about servicing on the automatic biscuit feeding packing machine. There are four set pillow packing machines + one set feeding machine. Two of our engineers have truly excellent technical and training service, and we’re lucky to have them on board.
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