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Sachet Bag Sorter Counting Carton Box Packing Machine

●This disorder sorting machine can directly connect the production system, sorting-counting-collecting-laminating-bag packing-carton box packing.


●The parts are fully stainless steel.



  • UPZH-80


Sachet Bag Sorter Counting Carton Box Packing Machine



✔We are a professional manufacturer of carton box packing machinery.

✔Support customized automatic packing machine solutions.

✔Engineer teams with over 20 years of experience in automatic packing machines.

✔CE, ISO, Quality Assurance Certifications are available.

✔The carton box packing machinery with patent certificate.

✔We have the high-tech enterprises certificate.

✔Fast delivery & professional after-sale service.    



Technical Feactures

▶All outer casings of the machine are made of stainless steel.

▶PLC and Touch-screen Control, equipped with intelligent detecting systems.

▶No Product detected, then no carton will open.

▶No Carton detected, then no leaflet inserted.

▶If no Product & Leaflet loaded into the carton, it automatically rejects.

▶Easy operation and easy adjustments for changing carton sizes.

▶This machine operates on Mechanical Type System, thus resulting in durability, reliability, and perfect packaging appearance.

▶It can be used on Hot-Melt Glue Sealing Carton (OPTIONAL).

▶Various types of automatic feeding units/systems (OPTIONAL) are available such as blisters, bottles, tubes, etc.      

Packaging Machine Manufaturer-Foshan Upper Machinery

In order to sort goods according to a wide number of criteria, sorting machines are utilized. There are many various kinds of sorting machines, and each one is designed to sort a particular category of goods. The sorting machine that is utilized in postal sorting offices is the sorting machine that is used the most frequently. These devices sort mail according to the zip code. Application in the packaging industry, the sorting machine, plays a collecting device role, collecting a certain number of bags, as a row, to prepare for later secondary bagging and boxing.

Types of Sorting Machine

Letters, goods, and even garbage are just some of the things that can be sorted with the help of sorting machines. There are many various kinds of sorting machines, and each one is designed to sort a particular category of goods.

The mail sorting machine is the type of sorting machine that is used the most frequently. Letters and packages are sorted by address using machinery specifically designed for sorting mail. Sorting machines for the mail can be either manually operated or automatically operated.

The garbage sorting machine is an example of a different kind of sorting machine. To classify waste according to its category, garbage sorting machines are utilized. Sorting machines for trash can be either manually operated or automatically operated.

The goods sorting machine, such as for the bags, it can connect the goods production machine, then, through the conveyor to the sorting equipment, collecting a certain amount, then to the secondary bag packing machine, or the carton box packing machine.

Sorting Machine Price

When it comes to sorting machines, the price might range quite a bit from one manufacturer to the next. You should budget anything from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars, because the price will vary greatly depending on the capabilities and features that are required to meet your needs.

It seems to reason that the most fundamental sorting machines will also be the ones with the lowest price tags. These devices have the ability to sort objects according to weight, size, or shape. If you simply need to sort a small number of objects at once, then one of these simpler machines should be sufficient for your needs.

If you need to sort a big number of items or if you need to sort items based on more than one criterion, then you will need to make an investment in a more sophisticated sorting machine. These machines can cost several thousand dollars, but they will be able to handle virtually any sorting assignment that you present to them.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend; the market is filled with sorting machines that will meet your requirements. You should be able to identify the ideal machine for your company with just a little amount of investigation into the topic.

Sorting Machine HS code

71993 is the International Standard Industrial Classification code for sorting machines. This code is used to identify the machines that are utilized in the process of sorting various items or materials into distinct groups or classifications.

Why Do You Need Sorting Machine

The sorting machine plays a more critical role in the packaging industry. There are two kinds of sorting machines in the packaging industry.

(1)Disorder Sorting Machine

It can sort the big quantity of snack bags from the disorder to the order, one bag by one bag, at last, to the carton box packing. It is popular for coffee bags, spicy strips, pharmacy granules bags, biscuits, bread, cake, etc.

(2) Sorting Machine

It especially can sort sachet bags, from the vertical packing machine, or the horizontal packing machine, then, sorting them into two layers, or one layer with 8 bags, or 10 bags, then to the second big bag packing, or, to the carton box packing. It is popular for energy bars, chocolate bars, coffee bags, tea bags, liquid bags, etc. We have many sorting and bag & carton box packing solutions for different customers now. Welcome to contact us to get project information for reference.

Sorting Machine manufacturer

There are a variety of manufacturers all around the world of sorting machines. The following are some of the most well-known businesses:

- Komatsu

- Caterpillar

- Hitachi

- Deere

- Volvo

- Upper

Each manufacturer manufactures its own unique line of sorting machines, each of which comes in a variety of models and configurations.


Product Name

Sachet Bag Sorting Counting and Carton Box Packing Machine

Packing Capacity

Max 200 bags/min


<80 dB

Net Weight


Power Supply

220V 50Hz

Total Power

4 kw

Outer Size



It is suitable for packaging small sachets bags, such as coffee bags, tea bags, biscuits, liquid bags, etc.


The disorder sorting machine is popular in the bag packing & carton box packing industry, such as the energy bar bag sorting, chocolate bar bag sorting, coffee powder bag sorting, biscuit bag, cake bag, and medical bag sorting.

order sorting-d5

Production Process

Production Process


sorter and counting-1sorter and counting-4sorter and counting-2sorter and counting-3photobanksorter and counting-5sorter and counting-6






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