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What is the Role of the Auto Feeder in Biscuit Packaging?

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 The function of the automatic feeder is to transport and feed the biscuits automatically.


Classification of automatic biscuit feeder


The automatic biscuit feeder can be divided into several categories.


Material hoist

Z-type hoist

Semi-automatic  biscuit feeder

Fully automatic feeder 

How to choose the right automatic biscuit feeder?


When the biscuit size is small, vertical packaging is more suitable, Material hoist and Z-type hoist are both ok. When the biscuit size is large, must use horizontal packaging, semi-automatic or automatic feeder is both ok, which both can achieve the biscuit sorting, ordering, and conveying.


When the production equipment is arranged in the workshop, the output is not so large, the biscuits are manually moved to the feeder, and the horizontal packaging machinery is connected to realize fully automatic packaging. When the production equipment of the workshop is large and the packaging speed is relatively fast, you can choose a fully automatic feeder, which directly connects to the biscuit production equipment, conveying, alignment, orienting, distributing, and finally connects to the horizontal packaging machinery to achieve automatic packaging.


Where to find a biscuit packaging factory?

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