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Vegetable Packing Machine Ideas

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Vegetables are crisp and juicy commodities, which are vulnerable to manual or mechanical damage. To protect the product from damage during transportation, storage and sale, it must be packed. With the development of vegetable commercialization, the demand for improving packaging is more and more urgent. Good packaging is beneficial to producers, operators and consumers.


Special Requirements for Fresh Vegetable Packaging

Vegetables are fresh agricultural products, vegetable packaging in addition to meet the requirements of general commodity packaging, there are several special requirements as follows.


1. Appropriate relative humidity should be maintained during the storage and transportation of vegetables. Different types of vegetables have different relative humidity requirements during storage and transportation. It is necessary to store and transport vegetables under high relative humidity conditions (RH95% or so), such as garlic, film packaging is the economical and practical preferred way. For the vegetables that are suitable for storage and transportation under the conditions of low relative humidity (RH75% or so), for example, onion and garlic are stored in cold storage with net bag packaging. Wax gourd, pumpkin and so on is the use of foamed plastic mesh set monomer packaging. Some leaf vegetables, such as leek, spinach, in the package such as dew after easy to rot, and the loss of water and seriously affect the quality of its goods, the production of the often use of porous moisture-permeable film or with the method of not airtight film cover to solve.



2. Should have good air permeability and suitable air permeability ratio. The respiration intensity of many vegetables is much higher than the apple, For example, when the garlic bolts are refrigerated with plastic film in small packages, they have been damaged due to hypoxia. Therefore, its packaging should have good air permeability. The ordinary polyethylene (PE) film and non-toxic polyvinyl (PVC) film on the market now, for the vast majority of vegetables, almost all appear to lack air permeability. Drilling in the film can effectively solve the accumulation of CO2, but the concentration of CO2 is difficult to reduce. This requires the packaging film to have a selective permeability function, that is, the appropriate permeability ratio, this function depends on the characteristics of the film itself.



3. Should meet the requirements of food safety, health and environmental protection. Developed countries have developed to higher standards, more perfect green packaging system, it covers packaging materials, packaging methods, marks and waste recycling, reuse and regeneration and other aspects of the content. A green packaging system can place the harm caused by an unreasonable environment, and can effectively solve the problem of white pollution. A green packaging system is the best way to realize the coordinated development of packaging and environment, accord with the trend of world environmental protection.



Where to Buy a Vegetable Packing Machine?

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