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The Importance of Inkjet Printer in Packaging Industry

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Ordinary character encoding machine has been unable to meet the needs of users and consumers for packaging surface marks, patterns, bar codes. To realize rapid print recognition products and improve print quality, inkjet printers came into being.


The inkjet printing technology of automatic inkjet printers is also called non-contact printing, the speed and print quality are the most critical considerations. Both CIJ technology and DOD technology are processes from a computer to paper-neither of which does not require a printing press; However, they have completely different roles in pushing ink onto paper.

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Types of inkjet printer

According to the different working principles of inkjet printers, inkjet printers can be divided into the following two categories:


*Continuous inkjet printer(CIJ). CIJ is the best solution for the numbering and marking of food, beverage, medicine, beauty, and other packaging and printing products.

*Drop on a demand inkjet printer (DOD). When printing, the corresponding font valve opens and closes quickly. Ink is sprayed by constant internal pressure to form characters or patterns on a moving surface.

Why inkjet printers are important in the packaging industry?

Inkjet printers are widely used in the packaging machinery industry. Diversified printing of characters, Arabic numerals, Chinese, English, graphics, LOGO, etc.


*Sequence number, batch number, shift number, product count display and printing;

*Date arrangement, real-time clock automatic change display, and printing Printing;

*Reverse inverted font printing;

*Character widening and bolding 1-9 times to choose to print;

*Font height and width are adjustable.


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