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Hot Ink Roll Printer for Production Date Print

Cheap price and easy operate


This is a solid ink roll code printer, used to match with packaging machine for printing manufacture date, expiry date and production batch numbers.



1. Compact design, less mechanical abrasion and simple operation.

2. The built-in preheating function can shorten the time of replacing the ink roll.

3. LED digital display and industrial film-coated buttons, visual display and control of temperature and time delay.

4. With temperature protection function.


Technical specifications:

Printing speed

≤300 times/min.

Printing range

Axial direction: ≤40mm (Perpendicular to the direction of film feeding);

Circumferential direction: ≤60mm (Parallel to the direction of film feeding).


Font size

T-shaped font: 1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm (font width) x 3.0mm (font height);

R-shaped font: 3.5mm (font width) x 3.5mm/4.5mm/5.5mm (font height).

Special fonts can be customized.

Printing line

T-shaped font (axial direction): ≤13lines, ≤20letters/line

R-shaped font (circumferential direction): ≤11lines, ≤13letters/line

Film linear speed


Minimum printing gap

≥38mm(4 sets of font wheel); ≥75mm(2 sets of font wheel)

Printhead type

Forward (printing wheel rotates counterclockwise);

Reverse(printing wheel rotates clockwise)

Control box type

LED display

Ink roll size


Power supply type


Ambient temp.


Relative humidity

10%-95%, non-condensing


110W,2A fuse


3 kg

Outer dimension

Printhead: 170mm*120mm*100mm ( L*W*H);

Control box: 180mm*160mm*105mm ( L*W*H)