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Food Processing Packaging Benefits

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Food processing packaging is the process by which a company manufactures, stocks and ships its products. Food processing packaging is all about "from farm to fork" - the extent of the processing is what creates the final product and its quality. This is achieved through the use of packaging materials, processes and information technology. There are reasons for many in the food processing industry to have concerns about food processing packaging.

Food Processing Packaging Benefits:

1. Provides protection for food items.

This is probably the most important reason that food processing companies invest in packaging technology and processes. Without it, a piece of fresh produce could be contaminated and compromise the product quality. The food safety regulations resulting from a global food recall can ruin a business overnight. Packaging can ensure that the product is clean, safe, and ready for delivery to the customer - all dependent on your process and technology.

2. Food safety and quality assurance

If you have concerns about your products for any reason, then you will have to be sure that no contamination occurs during processing stages such as cleaning or preparation before cooking or freezing. Your food processing company may also require health certifications to ensure that your production processes are safe for human consumption.

3. Infectious disease control and prevention

If you produce food that could cause infection to humans, then it is your duty to protect your process from contamination so as to avoid any risk of infection. The risk of contamination can come from sick people who may be infected with germs that can spread throughout the production area. Food processing companies protect themselves from this threat by installing a set of solid-seal technology in the production area and enforced cleaning standards. Cleaning areas include surfaces, tools, and utensils used in processing food.

4. Temperature control during transport and storage

Foods lose some nutritional benefits if they are stored at too high or too low temperatures. Food processors therefore achieve their purpose of providing quality product to their customer if the packaged food has a longer shelf life with optimum temperature control during transport.

5. Filling materials

The food filled into containers must be protected from contamination and spoilage. Therefore, the food filling material is a major concern for food processors. Glass and metal are common filling material; however some filled with air, or replaced by other materials such as glass or plastic beads. The size of the beads may vary from small to large depending on density of contents. PETE is used in some products to provide rigidity as well as protection against moisture and oxygen leakage during shipping, space heating, frozen storage, and freezing. Glass bottles are also commonly used for their strength and light weight properties during transport.

6. Food processing labels and graphics

Packaging is an important way to get the attention of consumers. Today, food processors use a lot of graphics and color to promote their brands and products. Food labels may be used as a way to provide information regarding ingredients, nutritional information, ingredients added by processing companies, cooking instructions etc.

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