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Facts about Coding in the Packaging Industry-Machines, Processes, Benefits, etc.

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The code machine has the advantages of stable performance, easy operation, printing characters, patterns without deformation, fast printing speed, beautiful and clear handwriting. Steel plate adjustment is very convenient. The code printer is widely used for printing the production date, shelf life, batch number, trademark, and simple pattern of packaging products such as bottles, LIDS, cans, cups, and boxes.

Packaging industry code printers mainly include ink roller code printers, ribbon code printers, inkjet code printers, and laser code printers.

The Working Principle of Ink Wheel Code Printer

Operating Principle

Code machine through the control of the internal gear pump or from the outside of the machine supply of compressed gas, the ink in the system to apply a certain pressure. So that the ink through the aperture of dozens of microns of the nozzle ejected. The crystal oscillation signal applied above the nozzle divides the continuous ink lines into the same frequency and the same size ink lines, which are ejected from the nozzle and hit at different positions on the surface of the product to form various characters, patterns, and other symbols required. The uncharged ink drops are fed into the recovery tank and re-enter the ink circulation system inside the machine.



Ink wheel code printer is easy to erase, weak adhesion.




Ribbon Coding Machine

Operating Principle 

The ribbon coding machine uses printing ribbon instead of ink printing and can print clear characters on any flexible packaging material.


Print clear, not easy to erase

Hygienic and clean, no ink pollution

Economic and health  

Encode the food production date, batch number, and drug delivery date



A ribbon coding machine can only print ordinary characters.


Ink-jet printer

Operating Principle

When printing characters, the valve corresponding to the font will open and close quickly. And the ink is ejected through constant internal pressure to form characters or graphics on the moving surface.


Fast speed

Non-contact printing

Simple operation

Small footprint



Generally adhesive date or batch number

It may fade after more than ten times of alcohol wiping  

Easy to heat and drip ink


Laser Marking Machine

Operating Principle

The deflector is controlled by a computer to turn the surface of a laser-etched object into text without consuming ink.





No ink

Ribbon and other consumables consumption



The laser Marking Machine is more expensive than others.


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