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Customized Facial Mask Packing Machine

●We can customized the automatic carton box packing line. Directly connect the production system, automatic feeding-counting-laminating-carton box packing.

●It includes three kinds, the spray glue, the plug-in box, and the bottom buckle. The automatic carton box packing machine is suitable for food, medical, daily products, hardware products, such as cake, biscuits, soap, gloves, face masks, etc.


●The parts are fully stainless steel.



  • UPZH-80


Customized Facial Mask Carton Box Packing Machinery


Customized Facial Mask Packing Machine

Are you looking for an efficient and affordable way to package small products such as face masks? Our Customized Facial Mask Packing Machine is designed by engineering teams with 20+ years of experience to efficiently and accurately wrap, label, and box a variety of products: food, medical supplies, hygiene products, and so much more!

Made from high quality stainless steel, this machine is built to last and is capable of packaging 50-80 boxes per minute! Our Customized Facial Mask Packing Machine is also compatible with the spray glue, plug in, and bottom buckle packing boxes and is easy to use and customize.

This Facial Mask Packing Machine is equipped with intelligent detecting systems. This means that if no product is detected, a carton will not open, a leaflet will not be inserted, and the package will be rejected. No more empty packages being sent to your customers!

● Made from high quality stainless steel and equipped with intelligent detecting systems.

● Compatible with a variety of packing materials and products.

● Able to accurately count, wrap, label, and package almost any small to medium sized product at a rate of 50-80 boxes per minute.

● Easy to use and customize, and comes with excellent post-sale customer service.

● Quality Assurance Certifications and patents are available!


✔We are a professional manufacturer of carton box packing machinery.

✔Support customized automatic packing machine solutions.

✔Engineer teams with over 20 years of experience in automatic packing machines.

✔CE, ISO, Quality Assurance Certifications are available.

✔The carton box packing machinery with patent certificate.

✔We have the high-tech enterprises certificate.

✔Fast delivery & professional after-sale service.    



Technical Feactures

▶All outer casings of the machine are made of stainless steel.

▶PLC and Touch-screen Control, equipped with intelligent detecting systems.

▶No Product detected, then no carton will open.

▶No Carton detected, then no leaflet inserted.

▶If no Product & Leaflet loaded into the carton, it automatically rejects.

▶Easy operation and easy adjustments for changing carton sizes.

▶This machine operates on Mechanical Type System, thus resulting in durability, reliability, and perfect packaging appearance.

▶It can be used on Hot-Melt Glue Sealing Carton (OPTIONAL).

▶Various types of automatic feeding units/systems (OPTIONAL) are available such as blisters, bottles, tubes, etc.      

Packaging Machine Manufaturer-Foshan Upper Machinery


Product Name

Automatic Customized Mask Carton Box Packing Line

Carton Size Range

Max. L260×W120×H90mm

Min. L80×W80×H30mm

Packing Capacity

50-80 boxes/min


<80 dB

Net Weight


Power Supply

220V 50Hz

Total Power


Outer Size



It is suitable for packaging various medicines, auto parts, food, cosmetics, tissues, and small utensils in various industries.


The automatic carton box packing machine is suitable for aluminum-plastic/aluminum-plastic-aluminum/aluminum-aluminum medicinal plates, pillow packaging bags, oral liquid trays, suppositories, plasters, facial masks, eye patches, etc. in the pharmaceutical, food, health care, cosmetics, and other industries automatic cartoning box and sealing.

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Production Process

Production Process




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