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Advantages of Pillow Packaging Machine

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Pillow packaging machine is widely used in packaging equipment. It can be used for many products such as food, daily necessities, and hardware.

Why Choose Pillow Packaging Machines?

First of all, from the point of view of packaging, pillow packaging machines can pack different specifications of lumpy food, daily necessities, medicine, stationery, hardware, and other products. Dispersed products are placed on the conveying board manually, packaged with a composite packaging film. The materials for the pillow packaging machine can be packaged and sealed because a separate PID controls it.

Secondly, in terms of setting the width and length of the bag, the ordinary packaging machine should prepare a unified packaging bag in advance. The servo pillow machine has a separate PLC control. The high-sensitivity photoelectric color standard tracking will not seal and cut, empty bag, or oblique cut, which can effectively save the time of parameter setting. Without packaging film, the packaging effect is beautiful.

Pillow packaging machine adopts positioning sealing and cutting in the process of packaging, which is accurate and neat, which is an excellent way to prevent packaging film from sticking to the knife and waste.

Pillow Packing Machine

What Is the Price of a Pillow Packaging Machine?

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