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What Is a Horizontal Flow Wrapper?
Horizontal flow wrappers perform three tasks in one fluid, continuous motion: infeed and spacing of items, wrapping the film around the items, and then sealing and discharging the finished product. The packages need to be protective, consistent, and professional without sacrificing speed. Flow wrappers are often called form fill and seal machines.

Horizontal flow wrappers are widely used in a variety of industries including food, personal care, household products, and more.

How Does a Horizontal Flow Wrapper Work?
First, an in-feed conveyor spaces and delivers your products into a forming box. On machines with a rotary sealers, this forming box applies packaging film around the product. Then the film is sealed and cut, forming the bag.

Once this process is completed, the sealed product is ready to be boxed and shipped.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper Applications
Horizontal Flow Wrappers package materials safely and securely in various industries including:

Frozen Products
Bakery Goods
Cheese and Dairy
Pet and Animal Food
Household Products
Personal Care Products
Industrial & Automotive
Paper Products
Medical & Pharmaceutical

No matter what you need to package, we can customize a horizontal flow wrapper to meet your needs.

Why Should I Use a Flow Wrapping Machine?
Flow wrappers are designed with efficiency and accuracy in mind. They are an excellent solution for both growing and high-volume manufacturers.

Flow wrappers help you achieve your goals of packaging products quickly and efficiently. They provide a shelf-stable wrapped package that protects products from contamination and improves shelf life.

Upper Machinery is the preferred flow wrapping machine manufacturer for those looking for efficiency and industrial construction for their product line. Learn more about our flow wrapping machines below to find the right one for your application.

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