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Which is the Best Gloves Packing Machine?

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There are two kinds of glove packing machine on the market, automatic packing and manual packing.


Automatic Glove Packing Machine


Automatic glove packing machine is divided into pillow bag packing machinery, four side sealing bag packing machinery and packing machinery.


Pillow Bag Packing Machine

Hot sealing three facial mask, corresponding pillow machine, manual feeding, automatic feeding, packaging into bags, low mechanical cost, time saving, labor saving, high efficiency, automatic date printing, optional punching device and labeling device. Pillow bag packaging machinery is favored by more and more enterprises.

Four Side Sealing Bag Packaging Machine

Heat sealing four side sealing film, the corresponding pillow type machine and pillow type bag packaging machine, need more heating sealing device and knife rest, mechanical cost will be higher. But it can save time and reduce labor costs. There are also many businesses like four-side sealing glove packaging machine.

Boxing Machinery

Manual unloading, automatic feeding, automatic box, automatic pushing, automatic box sealing. Time saving, labor saving, high efficiency, beautiful and atmospheric appearance. However the cost is hign.


Manual Packaging Machinery

Time-consuming, Low packaging efficiency.


In a word, to find out which is the best gloves packing machine, you need to know weather you want a automatic machine or manual machine, and the efficiency you prefer.


Where to Buy Gloves Packing Machine?


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