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Vertical Packaging Machine VS. Pillow Packaging Machine

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With the continuous improvement of mechanization and automation technology, packaging machines are constantly innovating, and the application range is becoming more and more extensive. It has a high utilization rate in food, chemical, medical, hardware, and other industries. Packaging machines can be divided into vertical packaging machines and pillow packaging machines according to their shape and structure. What is the difference between these two types of machinery?

(1) Different Structures

The vertical packaging machine is a standing machine that completes the packaging process from top to bottom, so its height is relatively high, but the floor space is relatively small.

The pillow packaging machine is horizontal, and the material conveying process is horizontal, so the height is low, but the floor area is large.

(2) Different Operation Ways

The roll film device of the vertical packaging machine is at the back of the main machine. The machine pulls the roll film upward, transfers it to the former to complete the bag-making process, fills the packaging through top-down feeding, and finally seals it.

The pillow packaging machine transfers the material laterally to the device where the film has been formed and automatically completes the process of vacuuming or nitrogen filling, heat sealing, and bag cutting.

(3) Different Applications

Because the vertical packaging machine is a vertical feeding method, it is more suitable for small or irregular-shaped material packaging such as particles, powders, and liquids.

The pillow packaging machine is more suitable for packaging relatively large and fixed-form materials such as bread, cakes, instant noodles, paper towels, etc. It is suitable for the packaging of a single item or multiple items simultaneously.

Customers can first select the appropriate packaging equipment according to the products to be packaged and then comprehensively consider factors such as packaging size, packaging weight, and packaging speed.

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