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Turntable Egg Roll Packing Machine

1.This is the automatic egg roll biscuit packing machine. 
2.Automatic feeding-sorting-alignment-packing.
3.ISO, CE, Patent certifications.
  • UPX-ZP901

Turntable Egg Roll Packing Machine

Product Description

 Main Performance And Structure Features:

  1. Equipment desgined by product characteristics to avoid product extruding.  When product in failure condition, remove unacceptable one without machine stop, to guarantee production and packing process continuously and stably.

  2. Adopt multi-variable frequency speed control, servo drives control, easy operation, stable running, high control preciseness, low energy consumption.

  3. Adopt stainless steel and aluminum alloy structure, humanization design, simple and easy installation, repair and maintenance.

  4. Full automatic feeding, alignment, orienting, distribution, and packing.


Why Need Automatic Egg Roll Biscuit Packaging Machine?

 Increase the packing capacity. 

● Increasing the efficiency of egg roll biscuit.

 You can reduce your time packing egg roll biscuit using an automatic packing machine.

 Reducing the number of employees in the production line as most functions are automatic.

The machine will boost egg roll biscuit production and maximize profits in the long run.

The Full Automatic Egg Roll Biscuit Packaging Line Mainly Include:

 Feeding belt, with the hopper.

 Turntable equipment.

● Steering structure.

 Egg roll biscuit horizontal flow packing machine.

Choose the Automatic or Semi-auto Egg Roll Biscuit Packing Machine?

Semi-auto egg roll biscuit packaging

Automatic egg roll biscuit packaging

Small production

Big production capacity

Manually feeding the egg roll, in small quantity, one time

Can feeding the egg roll in big quantity

Manually to feeding in different packing way

Automaticlly packing the different ways, two layers, two or four lanes

Lower machine cost

Valuable price

The footprint of the machine is small

The footprint of the machine is also small

Packaging Machine Manufaturer-Foshan Upper Machinery

Turntable 90 Degree Turn Packaging Line5

Turntable 90 Degree Turn Packaging Line6

Turntable 90 Degree Turn Packaging Line7



Product name

Turntable Automatic Egg Roll Packing Machine

Master conveyor belt width

600/800/1000/1200 mm

Packing capacity

standard 50-200 packs/min ,
High Speed 350 packs/min

Power supply

1ph-220V-50Hz or 3 ph-380V-50Hz

Total power

To be finalized according to user's actual situation.

Product size

According to the actual situation


The egg roll wrap machine is also suitable for packing popcorn, candy, toothbrush head, big pen, hardware, etc.




Turntable 90 Degree Turn Packaging Line11

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