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Troubleshooting and Repair of Pneumatic Ribbon Coding Machine

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A ribbon coding machine is a kind of coding machine, using hot printing tape instead of ink printing, adopting special movable type loading and unloading word changing structure. It can be in any flexible packaging material coding. The printing is clear and not easy to erase; Hygienic clean, no ink pollution concerns. It is a kind of economic health code. Ribbon coding machine is widely used in the packaging industry. It is necessary to understand its common failures and repair methods.

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Types of failures in Pneumatic Ribbon Coding Machine

Ribbon coding machine does not work

1. Check whether the switch of the thermal printer is turned on.

2. Check whether the fuse is burned out and whether the power supply is normal.

3. Check whether the wiring of each part is normal.

Thermal printer works but cannot print fonts

1. Adjust printing temperature and printing pressure.

2. Check whether the ribbon is installed incorrectly.

3. Check whether the distance between the belts for recycling carbon is too small.


The writing is too light

 1. Adjust the printing temperature.

2. Increase printing pressure and air inlet pressure.


The handwriting is too thick or the printed material is in danger of puncturing

1. Lower the printing temperature.

2. Reduce printing pressure and air inlet pressure.


Carbon take away deviation

1. Check whether the ribbon guide rods are deformed, and tighten them again.

2. Check whether the stop plate of each ribbon cartridge and the fixing button of the ribbon cartridge are positioned.

3. Check the tension of the brake belt.


The distance between the recycled carbon take-up belts becomes larger

1. Check whether the ribbon is installed correctly.

2. Check whether the adjustment screw of the carbon take-off distance is tightened and positioned.


The ribbon does not run: loosen the ribbon brake adjustment screw.


Ribbon slack: Tighten the ribbon brake adjustment screw.


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