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Snack Bar Packaging Machine: Operate DIY & in-house or Contract Packaging

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Whether you are just starting out a new snack bar packaging venture or perhaps the after effect of the covid 19 negatively influenced your packaging process, one question you’re probably asking is whether to operate your snack bar packaging yourself or outsource to a contract packager.

When is the right time to outsource your snack bar packaging?

Generally, you should only choose a contract packager if the option demands lesser cost and promises more efficiency than in-house DIY packaging. If these are not guaranteed, don't explore the contract packaging option.

Besides, a contract packager can be a great addition to your team, bringing you their experiences and expertise. After all, they live for packaging, and especially for a small business, they can offer you invaluable insights into how you can scale your process to a higher level.

For more sizable corporations, it is of course, much easier to outsource the process to allow them to focus on other marketing and sales processes.

In addition to these, considering the unpredictability and instability that clouds the snack bar supply chain, it is definitely a prudent decision to let someone do your packaging for you so you get to direct more effort towards your factory's primary competencies.

If you have zero expertise as well, employing a contract packager to operate your machine for you is your best bet. This is also true in a case where the packaging demands significant labor intensity, and where the snack bar demand is very high.

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When is the right time for DIY in-house packaging?

Especially for small businesses, this can be the right direction. Typically, you need a more considerable upfront cost if you’re looking to package your small bar yourself. However, as soon as you pay fully for the snack bar packaging machine, you can be sure of a quick break-even point and more substantial profit in the long term. The only cost you might have to worry about is that of machine maintenance and relevant replacements when necessary. Besides, you get to access a number of tax benefits relating to your capital equipment depreciation and acquisition.

Besides these, you get this unmatched satisfaction from the fact that you have the maximum control over your snack bars, right from the material sourcing to the final packaging process.

In a nutshell, if your snack bar brand is not so financially buoyant to employ a contract packager, doing it yourself and in-house is the most prudent decision. If you also want to minimize the ongoing cost associated with employing a contract packager, this is the right way to go.

BottomLine – which is the best option for you?

The answer to this depends on your business. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing between a contract packager or doing the snack bar packaging process in-house. One option is outrightly more preferable than the other as each of them embodies unique challenges and opportunities. So, you should weigh both upsides and determine whether you want to choose either of them or use them as a hybrid.

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