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How to Choose a Hardware Packaging Machine?

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Packaging machinery is widely used in the hardware industry. However, do you know how to choose the right hardware packaging machine?

Classification of Hardware Packaging Machine

On the market, hardware packaging machinery mainly includes combined weighing packaging machinery, vibrating plate packaging machinery, pillow packaging machinery, and automatic pipe bagging machines.

Combination Weighing and Packaging Machinery

A high-precision standard sensor weighing system, the weighing hopper combines the accuracy closest to the target weight, opens the valve, and enters the vertical packaging machinery. At present, it is 200mm suitable for the most extended material.

Vibration Plate Packaging Machine

Vibration plate combined with high-precision color-coded optical fiber and motor. It can accurately track the time and number of items and vibrate the material. The items could be packaged horizontally if combined with pillow-type packaging machinery.

Pillow-type Packaging Machinery

For fixed-shape items, single or small quantity packaging of horizontal incoming materials. It is widely used in the food and hardware industry.

Fully Automatic Pipe Bagging Machine

Pointer to carry out automatic bagging machine for pvc drainage pipes from 4 meters to 6 meters long.

The Application of Packaging Machine in Hardware Packaging

Combination weighing and packaging machinery: small nuts and small metal accessories

Vibrating plate packaging machine: separate packaging of two pieces of hardware or several pieces of hardware

Pillow-type packing machine: handle, tap, wrench, and other large hardware

Fully automatic pipe bagging machine: long pipe(Pipe >0.5m)

Where to Buy a Hardware Packing Machine?

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