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How Do Automatic Packaging Machines Work?

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Automatic packaging machines is also known as automation or high-tech packaging. This is a machine that can sort and package products automatically. When it comes to packaging, the most time-consuming process can be packing boxes by hand. As soon as the concept of automation came into picture, this tedious and manual task became easier in terms of time, labor and cost savings.

How do automatic packaging machines work?

1. Vertical packaging machine

This kind of machine usually works with a predetermined packaging order. The packing slip is placed in a proximity switch and sent to the packing station. When it reaches the position, the item is packaged using plastic or paper bags. The bag is placed in a carton or container through an adjustable gripper that picks up the item from a tray on which trays are stacked. The carton is then sealed using tape and placed onto conveyor for moving towards next station for labeling and boxing. After this, the carton moves to packaging optimization section where stacking is done based on density or size of products packed inside each other.

2. Flow wrapping machine

This automatic packaging machine works by taking an item and placing it into a bag then sealing it. Flow wrapping machines are used for bulk products like chocolate bars, potato chips, cookies and so on. The machine unwraps the item from its master carton, wraps them with packaging film or plastic and then places the pack back into a tray to be stored in original cartons. It can also be utilized for packaging powder, granular or granular combination.

3. Filling machine

This machine works by taking the items from tray and placing them into a carton or bag. The item is then filled with liquid and placed in a bag. The machine places all the items into carton or bag that are filled with liquid. It is used to package personal care products such as shampoo, lotions, shaving creams and so on.

4. Rotary wrapping machine

This machine wraps items together to form one unit. This type of packaging machine is widely used in wholesale stores when it comes to bulk products such as fruits, vegetables, dry goods etc. It can also be used to package individual items like muffins and loaves.

Benefits of automatic packaging machine

1. Reduce labor costs

In case of manual packaging, it is required to pack different items manually in each carton. No two items are alike and there are a lot of things to keep in mind while doing so. With the help of automatic packaging machine, the whole process can be divided into several steps and each step has separate machine for packing. This results in reducing labor cost, as it is not necessary to remember the steps that need to be followed when packing every product separately.

2. Less mistakes

With the help of automatic packaging machines, there is less possibility of making mistakes while packing products mechanically. This is because the machine operates for hours together, whereas a person can only be working for few hours at a day.

3. Speed up the process

With the help of automatic packaging machines, the whole process of packing can be speeded up and there is no shortage of manpower. This is possible only because these machines are capable of working continuously for hours together without any break or rest.

4. Easier to handle products with multiple sizes and shapes

While using manual packaging machines, it becomes difficult to pack different sized items in one box as you have to manually adjust the carton size according to each item size in order to make sure that all items fit in one box perfectly.

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