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The Role of Smart Packaging System in Food Supply Chain

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Smart packaging system is a system that provides inventory management and product traceability, enabling companies to save money and time by reducing the number of products being carried. One of the most critical activities in food supply chain is tracking a product from factory to distributor pickup load-out and inventory stock. 

The following are some of The role of smart packaging system in food supply chain:

1. Reduce issues with health and safety

This is about product quality assurance, especially for high-risk food that require management. In this way, companies can reduce the number of complaints and bad food products. Known as the negative impact of out-of-stock on inventory, health warnings are processed by automated equipment management system to ensure that it is in the safe zone.

2. Reduce unnecessary costs by improving supply chain efficiency

Reduce cost is basically a matter of improving production efficiency and reducing costs within a supply chain. The system allows companies to reduce waste of resources as well as unwanted non-purpose ingredient in raw materials, heavy and energy consumption in processing, distribution, and storage.

3. Enhance customer's trust by providing full transparency

It is a way to enhance customer's trust, especially for food and healthcare companies. Companies can gain trust through improved supply chain management capabilities that aim to reduce product loss and increase supply capacity. These forces are important in maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty.

4. The new rise in the value of data

Data is what allows companies to complete supply chain planning and prediction of the future market potential, as well as the ability to develop production efficiency accurately based on current conditions and market demand information. In addition, companies can make better strategic decisions by managing data analysis and presenting it directly for optimal decision-making without wasting time on unnecessary processing steps i.e. decision time reduction.

5. Improve management of stock and logistics

Product traceability is a significant issue in the industry, even for the managing purchases, distribution and warehousing issues. The use of smart packaging system will reduce human error in the process of product handling and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to products. In addition, companies can get more accurate stock data with transparent production process information as well as providing real-time status monitoring over a product's lifecycle. This will allow companies to better manage their stock situation by eliminating waste and optimising inventory distribution without having to check each case manually or perform recall operations due to possible contamination issues.

6. Eliminate waste in packaging

This will allow companies to provide smarter packaging, including information on the environmental and energy impact of the product. In addition, some companies can also use smart packaging as a form of marketing by providing traceability information, e.g. 'made in America'.

7. Product recalls

It provides greater efficiency in handling product recalls by recording more information on products than traditional paper-based systems. Companies can reduce cost and save time if there is a problem in the production process or a recall is required due to safety and health issues.

8. Reducing time to market

In order to reduce time to market, companies need to have effective supply chain that can enable rapid production of new and innovative products. In addition, companies can also build their brand name by building in intelligence into the packaging, as well as managing product portfolio and increasing both sales and profit margins given the right innovations.

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