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Chocolate Packaging Machine

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A packaging machine for chocolate bars. Its main functions include conveying, feeding, material management and packaging. This machine is suitable to handle various sized chocolate bars. Maximise your chocolate production (and profits) with our chocolate packaging machine today!  

Learn how our automatic chocolate bar packaging machine works

Specifications of this Chocolate Packaging Machine



Product Name

Chocolate Packaging Machine

Master Conveyor Belt Width

600/800/1000/1200 mm

Packing Capacity

50-600 bags/min

Power Supply

1ph-220V-50Hz or 3 ph-380V-50Hz

Total Power

To be finalized according to user's actual situation.

Product Size


Function and Characteristics:

* Consist of 3 structures: Feed, material management and packaging.

* Each structure has a speed adjustment and a product size information input.

* Feeding structure is designed to protect the integrity of the whole chocolate bar.

* The method of rising and sinking is suitable for the chocolate bar since the speed requirement is met.

* High-precision and sensitive eye tracking system

* Accurate material position control

* Stainless steel frame


● Quality Assurance

High-tech enterprises, CE, ISO, Patent, Quality Assurance certifications.

● Time-saving, Cost-saving, High Efficiency

An automatic packing machine is highly efficient and saves you time from packing chocolate bars traditionally by hand.

● Customisation is Available

Our team of engineers with over 20 years of experience in the industry is always here for you.

● Affordable Pricing

Supplied to you directly from our factory.

● Fast Delivery & Professional After-sales Service

We have a production team of more than 50 workers, always ready to help.

● Reliable Machinery

Presence of a multi-variable frequency speed control and a servo drive control. In addition, its stainless steel structure makes installation, disassembly and maintenance simple and fast.

● Easy to Operate

You can easily change the settings for different sized chocolate bars with the coloured touch screen, fault display and the data storage function.

● Production Guaranteed

The machine is designed to prevent chocolate bars from extruding. If a product is in a failed shape, remove it from the batch without stopping the machine.

Why Your Business Needs a Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine

An automatic chocolate bar packaging machine is a highly efficient and a cost effective solution. It increases your packing capacity while saving you time from packing the chocolate bars traditionally by hand. So, with an automatic packaging machine being more efficient, faster and more productive than people, your business does not have to rely heavily on manpower.

Boost your chocolate production, reduce labor cost and maximise profits in the long run.

How do I Adjust the Machine?

● Enter the correct packing parameters in the PLC control system for smooth operations.

● Check that the electrical wires are well connected and not loose.

● Ensure raw materials are in plenty of supply to make sure the machine does not stop abruptly.

● Clean regularly and maintain the machine to keep it in perfect working condition.

The Full Automatic Machine includes:

● Automatic feeding conveyor

● Power baffle

● Steering structure

● Chocolate bar horizontal flow packing machine

● Chocolate bar carton box packing machine

Which Chocolate Packaging Machine is Right for Me? Semi-Auto or Automatic?



Production capacity




Manually done

Directly connect the chocolate bar production machine

Wear and tear




Technicians must be familiar with packaging machinery foundation

Intelligent operation,

Few manual operations







Two Designs of the Automatic Chocolate Packaging Machine:

● Automatic power baffle chocolate bar feeding packing line.

(Due to short bar length and high speed requirement)

● Automatic ascending and sinking chocolate bar feeding packing machine.

(Due to no contact with the material packing requirement)

Please send us your requirements and we will reply to you with CAD Drawings and a quotation.

Please provide us with the following information:

● Product Incoming Methods (preferably with a video)

● Product Characteristics (best with sample photos)

● Packing Method (preferably with photos)

● Production Capacity

How many products per minute?

● Packing Speed Requirement

● Size of Venue Requirement

Product Applications

Mainly applies to chocolate bars, candy bars, wafer cakes and green bean cakes.

The machine can pack various different sizes of the listed food products.


Upon receipt of payment, delivery will be in (insert number here) days by Air, by Sea or by Express (DHL etc). Shipment cost will depend on the destination, size and the weight of the goods. For customised machines, it may take us more days.

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