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Chocolate Bag Packaging

Packed by: UPX-QKL Packing line.
This automatic feeding packing line distribution and packing without workers and widely used in food industry, chemical industry, phamacueuticals, hardware and other industry wich products are roun, square and bar chocolate bar flow packing machine, chocolate bar flow wrapping machine, chocolate packing line.

Automatic feeding &packaging line Chocolate bag packaging machine

Product Description



Product name

Chocolate high-speed automatic packaging line

Master conveyor belt width

600/800/1000/1200 mm

Packing capacity

50-600 bags/min

Power supply

1ph-220V-50Hz or 3 ph-380V-50Hz

Total power

To be finalized according to user's actual situation.

Product size

According to the actual situation

 Main Performance And Structure Features:

  1. Clear-up,feeding and packing automatically without man-powder operation.

  2. Clear-up machine and positioning feeding machine can be operated separately. They can work in synchronization with producing line, synchronous change speed, automatic stop/startup in case of material absence/supply and so on.

  3. Adopt multi-variable frequency speed control, servo drives control, easy operation, stable running, high of control preciseness,low energy consumption.

  4. To minimize secondary pollution of produts due to traditional manpower arrangement.

  5. Simple frame, easy maintenance, all conveyor belts can be detached quickly without using any tool, ensuring food safe and healthy.


Chocolate Bag Packaging5

Chocolate Bag Packaging6


Mainly applied to meet the chocolate, candy, wafer cake, green bean cake rules of solid objects material such automatic high-speed transport, sotring, feeding and automatic packing products.

Chocolate Bag Packaging7

Chocolate Bag Packaging8

Chocolate Bag Packaging9


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