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Automatic Packaging Machines vs. Manual Packaging

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Packaging simply stands for putting products into the right boxes or bags for lots of people. But actually it is not that simple and involves a series of procedures like tracking, feeding, and packing. Manual packaging is a traditional packaging method that most factories have used for a very long time. Nowadays, as technology develops and becomes advanced, various kinds of automatic packaging machines come to help improve productivity. Do you know what the advantages of automatic packaging machines over manual packaging are? Read on, and you will find out everything.

What Is Manual Packaging?

As its name suggests, manual packaging means workers’ hands do all the packaging process without counting on any automatic equipment.

What Is Automatic Packaging?

Automatic packaging is a product packaging method that uses computerized systems and automated equipment to pack products in a faster way. The products can be tracked and packaged digitally and automatically without costing too much labor.

Advantages of Automatic Packaging Over Manual Packaging

Compared with manual packaging, the automatic packaging machine can reduce labor costs while maintaining the advantages of speedy, accurate, and stable packaging.

Automatic packaging machines can protect the workers from directly contacting toxic, irritating, radioactive, and corrosive products. Manual packaging in the factory will inevitably cause harm to the workers, while the fully automatic packaging machine will fix this problem.

Manual packaging will inevitably make mistakes and cause unnecessary losses over time. If the automatic packaging machine is used, the problem can be effectively avoided. Although the automatic packaging machine will not be 100% error-free, the error rate is particularly lower than the traditional manual packaging.

Generally, the service life of the packaging machine is about 6-10 years, and some high-quality machines even serve for a longer time. One automatic packaging machine can do high-intensity work for a long time that a dozen workers do. Therefore, the automatic packaging machine can help the factory save a lot of production costs.

Multifunctional automatic packaging machinery is a comprehensive science that can promote the development of related industries. It involves subjects such as materials, technology, equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, and automatic control and requires related disciplines to develop in a synchronized and coordinated way.

The automatic packaging machine can significantly improve productivity, as it is much faster than manual packaging. For example, for candy packaging, manual candy can only pack more than 10 pieces in 1 minute, while the candy-type automatic packaging machine can reach hundreds of pieces per minute. As you can see, the efficiency is increased by dozens of times.

Automatic packaging machines can effectively ensure the quality of the packaging. According to the requirements of the packaged items, there can be different settings to ensure the quality of packaged products. This is particularly important for high-end products and export commodities. Only automatic packaging machines can achieve the standardization of packaging and meet the requirements of collective packaging.

It is difficult or even impossible to achieve some packages only by hand, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, isobaric filling, etc. The automatic packaging machine can complete this packaging effortlessly.

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