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Automatic Bread Packing Machine

  • The automatic bread feeding packing machines, popular for bread, cake, and etc.
  • The automatic feeding-sorting-alignmenting-packing. Time-saving, fast incoming materials, fast packaging of finished products, and high efficiency.
  • The contact food parts is food grade and full stainless steel.
  • UPX-XC4

                                               Automatic Bread Packing Machine



1.The professional factory manufacturer, of the automatic packing machine.

2.Support customzied packing machine solutions.

3.Engineer teams over 20 years experience in packing machine.

4.CE, ISO, Qualty Assurance Certifications available.

5.Machinery, with patent certificate.

6.High-tech enterprises certificate.

7.Fast delivery & professional after-sale service.         


Technical feactures:

1. This equipment could be connected with the production line directly.

2.Full automatic feeding-alignmenting-orienting-distributing-packing, all in one line.

3.Adopt multi-variable frequency speed control, servo drive control, stable running, high control preciseness, low energy consumption.

4.Adopt colored touch screen, easy operation and adjustment, fault display, data storage function, to operate easy for changing different size products.

5.Equipment designed by products characeristics to avoid products exruding. When the product in fail condition, remove unacceptable one without machine stop, to guarantee production and packing process continuously and stably.

6.Adopt full stainless steel structure. Humanized design, easy install, disassemble, and maintenance.


We Offer Two Kinds of Bread Packing Machines.

 Automatic bread packing machine. ( Directly connect the production machine.)

● Semi-auto bread horizontal packing machine. (Manually feeding the products into the packing machine.)

Automatic Bread Packing Machine Types:

 Automatic bread packing machine. (automatic feeding sorting line + horizontal packing machine)

● Double-layer bread packing machine. (automatic feeding sorting line with double layer channel+horizontal packing machine)

Prices of Bread Packing Machines.

 The price of semi-auto bread horizontal packing machine. (with dual-frequency changer or three servo-driven wrap technology and some optional equipment, the machine price is around USD3,800-USD12,000.)

Prices of Automatic Bread Packing Machines.

 It is also with the dual-frequency changer or full servo-driven wrap technology. (The lines include the automatic feeding sorting line+ horizontal packing machine, also if the customer wants the big packing capacity, such as 200 bags/ min, 400 bags/ min, 600 bags/ min, so the machine from USD1,300.)

Both Bread Packing Machines Have Dual Frequency Motor & Servo Motor Driven Conversion. 

Please Check Their Differences As Below:


Double Frequency Conversion

Packing Machin

Servo Motor

Packing Machine


Two ordinary motors drive horizontal sealing and feeding, and the other drive vertical sealing.

Horizontal sealing, vertical sealing, and feeding are all controlled by independent motors.

The three axes can be divided into one servo motor, two ordinary motors, two servo motors, one ordinary motor, or three servo motors.

Mechanical Structure

Adjust the cam structure of the knife speed, feed adjustment differential mechanism, feed and cutter power distribution mechanism, and other structures.

Directly driven by motor power.

The three-axis structure is simple, reducing mechanical structure transmission and reducing noise. Easy maintenance, less friction, and long life.

Speed Adjustment of the Horizontal Sealing Cutter

The cam structure is used to manually adjust the speed of the cutter and move the film synchronously.

No adjustment is required, and a motion controller is used to track and synchronize automatically.

Material Position Adjustment

Manual Adjustment with Differential Mechanism

Enter the digital adjustment on the touch screen, or press "Feeding and Paper Linkage" and other materials to the appropriate position, then press "Set as Feeding Offset".

Save material adjustment time.

Anti-cutting Function

When the material is cut, the whole machine stops working. Need manual readjustment.

When the material is cut, the cutter's work is suspended, and the feeding and longitudinal sealing continue to work. When there is no cutting situation, the packaging machine automatically works normally.

Reduce downtime and increase production efficiency.

Choose Automatic Bread Packing Machine or Semi-auto Bread Horizontal Packing Machine?

Semi-auto Bread Packaging

Automatic Bread Packaging

Small production

Big production capacity

Manually feeding the bread

Directly connect the bread production machine

Handling, a certain degree of wear and tear

Hand contact and handling effectively reduce wear

Operation technicians, need familiar packaging machinery foundation 

Intelligent operation, few manual operations, saving time

Lower machine cost

Valuable price

The footprint of the machine is relatively small

Customized footprint

Bread Packing Material

 Polyester, cast polypropylene, oriented polypropylene, cellulose, etc.

To Customize the Suitable Automatic Bread Packing Solutions For You, Please Kindly Inform Us of Your Packing Requirements:

 Product incoming methods:  such as neat incoming materials, manual pours, scattered incoming materials, etc. (preferably with video.)

● Product Characteristics: fragile, regular, soft, sticky, etc. (It is best if you can provide samples)

 Packing Method: such as one pack; two packs up and down, etc. (preferably with pictures)

● Production Capacity: how many products per minute?

 Packing Speed: What is your requirement for packing speed?

 Size of the Venue: Do you have requirements for the size of the venue?

Packaging Machine Manufaturer-Foshan Upper Machinery

Bread Packing Machine Manufacturer

The automatic bread packing machine is manufactured by highly experienced professional engineers with experience of over 20 years. The machine is CE and ISO certified. It supports customized packing machine solutions and is secured with a patent.

The machine has multiple functions including feeding, sorting, aligning, and packing of the breads. Due to it being automatic; it is fast and time saving and highly efficient. The parts that come in contact with the food are all food grade and are fully made of stainless steel. The conveyor at the start is automatic and sorts the breads to the horizontal packing machine. The touch screen makes the operation very easy to use.

The machine can be connected directly to the production line, it adopts variable frequency speed control, servo drive control, stable running, high control preciseness all with very low energy consumption.

The colored touch screen is extremely to operate and adjust, it displays faults within the line, stores data and can be used to modify the packing operation to accommodate different sizes and products.

The quality control operation checks each package to ensure high quality product. If there is a fault in the product it removes it without stopping the machine.

The machine’s production process starts with cutting the raw materials followed by processing the raw material and adding the electrical connections. In the end the machine is assembled and tested to detect any faults.

The machine is then packaged to transport. The machine is easy to install, disassemble and maintain.

Two types of Bread Packing Machines are available i.e. Automatic Bread Packing Machine that connects directly to production machine and Semi-auto Bread Horizontal Packing Machine that manually feeding the products into the packing machine. Both Bread Packing Machines have dual frequency motor and servo motor driven technology. Both machines have their own features and can be used according to the required production features.

Materials used for bread packing are polyester, cast polypropylene, oriented polypropylene and cellulose.

The machines can be customized according to the customer’s specifications. These specifications include, product conveying methods like neat materials, pours, scatters materials; product characteristics like fragile regular etc.; packing methods, required production rate and speed, available are to setup the machine.  

The automatic bread packing machine can be used for packing breads, cakes, cupcakes etc.


Product name

Bread packing machine

Product size

9000×950×1500 mm

Master conveyor belt width

600/800/1000/1200 mm

Net weight


Packing capacity

50-200 bags/min (per single lane)

Power supply

1ph-220V-50Hz or 3ph-380V-50Hz

Total power

To be finalized according to user's actual situation.

Application fields

bread packing, cake packing


Automatically pack many kind of solid and regular bread packing, cake packing, bakery bread packing, such as sliced bread, crossiant bread, shredded bread, and so on.


Production Process

Production Process







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