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How to Maintain Automatic Packaging Machine?

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Automatic packaging machine has the advantages of low operating cost, fast packaging speed, high precision, packaging material 

rules and uniform form. It has become the first choice of many enterprises. Although the automatic packaging machine brings us 

efficient production, reduce the cost. But if something goes wrong with the automatic packaging machine, the impact on the 

production of enterprises is also great. As we all know, failure of the machine is inevitable. This is why the maintenance is essential 

while using automatic packaging machine.


The important things regarding the maintenance of automatic packaging machine

1. the packaging machine should be used in the temperature between-10℃ to 50℃, relative humidity is under 85%, no corrosive gas 

in the surrounding air and no dust.

2. Regular manual lubricating oil is needed in the place of pillow packing machine conveyor belt link and other mechanical operation 


3. It is necessary to do more cleanning on the material contact parts.

4. It is necessary to add lubricating oil on the sliding parts and switch touch block after 2-3 month of working, the heating rod on the 

connection should be lubricated according to the use of the situation.

5. It is necessary to check frequently for decompression, filtration, oil mist triplet, ensure that there is oil mist, oil cup (sewing machine oil), 

no water in the filter cup.

6. It needs to be kept clean on the heating strip and silica gel strip. There is no foreign matter should be adhered to, in order not to affect 

the sealing quality.

7. On the heating rod, the two layers of sticky paste under the heating sheet play an insulating role. It should be replaced in time to avoid 

short circuit when it is damaged.

8. Users provide their own working air source and inflatable air source.

9. The automatic packaging machine is not allowed to tilt and impact in the process of handling, not to put down handling.

10. The automatic packing machine must have reliable grounding device when it is installed.

11. Do not put your hand under the heating rod to prevent injury. Please cut off the power immediately in case of emergency.

12. Nitrogen first and then electricity while working, power off first and then cut off the Nitrogen while shutting down.


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