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Case One

A customer from Indonesia wanted to achieve two-layer packaging of French bread. Customize two pillow packaging machines plus one sorting equipment.
To realize the two-layer packaging of French cakes, it is necessary to realize dual-channel material sorting and flip up and down the french cake. Our team has realized mechanical customization for customers and achieved the packaging according to customer’s requirements.

Case Two



A client from Libya wanted to customize a chocolate cupcake processing and packaging facility that could be directly connected to the production facility. Additional equipment is a heated transfer code printer, alcohol, and nitrogen. Products include two pillow packing machines plus material handling equipment.


We found a suitable position on the material conveyor belt and added alcohol and nitrogen inlet to realize alcohol disinfection of packaging film and nitrogen freshness preservation of chocolate cupcake food.
He also wanted to buy a croissant sorting and packaging machine, additional alcohol and nitrogen filling device. Two pillow packaging machines plus one sorting equipment.
While testing the material, we found out that the croissant was rounder. Our team realized the sorting and packaging of croissants after processing the structure of the sorting and conveying.
Case three
A well-known chocolate sandwich cookies brand from Indonesia ordered a 12-pack packaging line in 2018, which can directly connect to the production equipment. “We would like to customize three pallets with partitions in a row. “He said that when he first make contact with us.
This was a technological breakthrough for us. After designing, customization, and debugging, we find out a way to meet Nextar’s requirements. The automatic feeding and packaging machinery works perfectly now.

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