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Automatic Desiccant Pouch Dispenser Automatic Desiccant Pouch Dispenser

Screen control and easy operate

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  • Product Description

Product Application

For the trained flavor bags of food, daily consumption, chemical and medicine etc. Widely apply to the production line such as cap turning machine, Induction cap sealer machine, bottle unscrambler and counting grain machine.

For the machine main function characteristics:

Adopt colored touch screen, perfect interface between operator and machine adopt big colored screen, digital temperature controller system,easy to parameters and easy to operate for changing different size products world brand high sensitivity photocell tracking system,to control product position exactly .

Electrical professional design,easy control and more stable.

Mechanical professional design, easy operation and improving productivity

SPECIFICATIONS FOR Automatic Desiccant Pouch Dispenser
Bag length  
Power supply
220V 50HZ
Total power
Net weight
Outer Dimension(L*W*H)

Main Features

 Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maIntation. 

1 Automatically pouch feeding, cutting and dispensing, improve efficiency.
2 Avoid people touching, can enhance sanitary level.
3 Adopts servo motor and PLC control system, advanced digital operation, easy and convenient. Can change different sizes of pouches.
4 Strong compatibility, suitable for a variety of specifications and materials bottles such as round, square, oblate, circle squared. Work for desiccant bags with color code or colorless.
5 With alarm control function for no work without bottle, fault self-test, desiccant bags no entering into the bottle, etc. Ensure the continuity and accuracy.
6 Optical, Mechanical and electronic integration, high intelligent sensor technology, can work all for bags with color code or not.