Professional manuafacture for automatic packaging machinery equipment R&D


chcocolate packing line , ,mailu applies to meet the chocalte , candy , wafer cake ,green bean cake rules of solid objects materials such as automatic high -speed teansport, sorting feeding and automatic packaging products

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For UPX-QKL chocolate packing line it is design base on chocolate character .

Base on food grate products producing request .The machine is neatly appearance , easy for clean and daily maintenance .Automatic and advantage to improve the production line in high speed running, save the labor cost and meet growth of market .

In the conveyor part we adopt the automatic belt in the dam-board ,to protect the chocolate without scratch or damage during the high speed running, and make it less obstruction ,to let the chocolate move more fast .on the forward transition device we adopt the photocell, to reject the problem chocolate like without finished cut , or in different forward . For the feeding line we adopt 6 photocell to detect the chocolate location and though the PLC to control the position in the exactly and speed .For the packing machine we adopt the high speed packing machine which is with the servo motor. The packing machine with the film automatic splice device, no need to stop the machine to change the film roll. Whole machine is stable atmosphere , fast and less noise running. WE offer customized design, any other function request we also can do for you .