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Automatic packing line high speed to packing two pcs cookies packing

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2019-6-25 We loading and shipping the one to two automatic packing line to india buyer.

For this auto-packing system . Buyer used to packing for the sandwich biscuit , which in different type packing. 

Like one pcs sandwich biscuit pack, request 400 pcs one minute , for two pcs one pie packing one package, for two pie four sandwich biscuit pack , for three pie six sandwich biscuit pack, for four pie eight sandwich biscuit pack . 

For this packing line advantage :

1 running in high speed 

2 can pack different type of package base on buyer request for easy control 

3 avoide other packing form as make pie biscuit up and down to make broken the biscuits.


For the video show pls view the youtube:

For this packing line also can add the turn forward device, to make the biscuit in front and back side to match one pie to pack . 

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