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This machine is used to match with packaging machine, suitable for automatic dispensing of following items:

Laminated flaky products: postcards, greeting cards, tags, packaging bags, unformed cartons, labels, envelopes, etc.

Folded products: brochures, posters and all kinds of different sizes of folded products.

Products of book form: brochures, card books, notebooks, comic books, magazines, etc.


Operation process:

Automatically separate magazines and various sizes of the products into a single one, and send them to the conveyor belt. It can be used individually for card dispensing and counting, but also can be easily integrated into the associated equipment for automatic card dispensing, widely used with automatic packing equipments, such as pillow packing machine, vertical packing machine, auto conveyor and shrinking machine.


Main features:
1. Available with servo motor drive system, PLC controller and touch interface for simple and easy operation. Various settings and operations can be done on the touch screen of packing machine.

2. With data memory function, set parameters and make power-on of the machine for automatic operation.

3. Servo motor can reach maximum speed 50 meters per minute.

4. This machine will automatically dispense cards quickly according to different packing capacity when joining with automatic packing machine.  

5. Automatic alarm function against card missing and card lacking and optional function for a single sheet, multiple sheets and continuous card dispensing.

6. Photoelectric control of auto card dispensing after power on.

7. Matching with automatic packaging equipment to realize the integration of automatic packaging.

8. The system is designed with multiple alarm functions to perform real-time online control of standby card dispensing length, card number, repeated cards and card missing.

9. Rational structure design, simple and quick replacement of wearing parts.


Technical specifications:




Card dispensing speed

500sheets/min.(varing from different card size)

Card size

Length: 45-120 mm; Width: 40-100 mm; Thickness: 0.1-3mm (size can be customized)

Drive system

Driven by servo motor, controlled by PLC

Power supply type






Outer dimension

L*W*H: 612*400*597mm

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